How large is the Studio Scale 1/8 Model?

The 1/8 Studio Scale model is 64" long X 27" wide X 12" tall

How large is the 1/16 scale model?

The 1/16 scale model is 32" long X 13.5" wide X 6" tall

How long will it take for me to receive my model kit?

Each model kit is made to order so as the list grows it will take longer to get to the end of the list. We plan on producing 8 units per week so it could be up to a month or two at the latest to receive an confirmation your item is ready.

Will I receive an edition number with my Pre Order?

When you place a pre order you will be added to the production list in the order it was received. However you will not receive an edition number until your order has been paid if full so if other customers pay in full before you, they will claim a lower edition number engraved on their plaque. If you want the lowest edition number, please pay in full as soon as you can!

How do Pre Orders work?

When you place a pre order deposit you are requesting production on your kit. We take the funds you have deposited to aquire supplies for your model and begin working. For this reason all orders are not refundable. Once the pre order has been produced we will invoice you with the remaining balance of your order. Once paid, you will receive your edition number engraved on your plaqe and your item will ship.

Do you offer payment plans?

We are working to provide the best possible service for our clients! As of right now we do not have an automated system for processing payment plans but if you need assistance please message us about a 4 payment PayPal system we can set up for you.



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