Boy's Racing Machine

Crafted to museum quality specifications, our Racing Machine is like no other! Every detail was patterned off of the original and there will be no other like it!

We created the Racer for multiple display options.

  • A Studio Scale 1/8 size covering 64" long

  • A half scale 1/16 covering 32" long

  • A 1/24 scale space saver size at 22" long

The model was made to fit a custom lighting system complete with energy binder illumination and cockpit illumination; including wireless on/off capabilities. The cable connecting the engines to the cockpit are flexible and contain a bendable metal rod to adjust the look. Custom stands were created to house the electronics and show off the Racer in it's natural elements! Finally, a custom laser engraved description plaque has been designed to finish off the display and decals have been crafted to match the original.

Size_new All.tif

View our 1/16 Prototype with simple paint.

Our comparison to the original


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